The Smart Connected Hospitality Industry

The Triple Threats That Impact the Hospitality Industry

The connected world provide more choices than ever

Guests at hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, museums, theatre patrons, and sports fans have more choice than ever on where and how to spend their time and money. They also have increasingly higher expectations of and access to social media that makes it very easy to share their feedback. Meanwhile, new technology-enabled competitors have

Arena-Based Events

About 15% of all seat upgrades are directly tied to beacon notifications, which the franchise uses to upsell fans heading to “nosebleed” seats.

Outdoor Pursuits and Tourism

Ski resorts like British Columbia’s Big White resort have invested in RFID lift passes to resolve customer complaints, improve efficiency, optimize resources, and obtain valuable business data.

Quick Tip

The Brooklyn Museum has also created interactive iPad-powered kiosks that enable visitors to virtually ask the curatorial team questions.

Restaurants and Bars

Blue C restaurant put RFID tags on all its plates and placed RFID readers at each chef’s workstation and at points around the course of the conveyor belt.

Amusement Parks

Disney CEO Bob Iger had the board’s blessing to spend $1 billion to install a wave of wireless technology that reshaped the Disney World experience.

Quick Tip

The food and beverage industry is Canada’s fourth-largest employer, with just over 1 million jobs, but it is plagued by an average employee turnover rate north of 50%.

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